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Do I have a LAP exam?


I'm 18 years old and in the middle of my A Level exams, hoping to go on and do primary education and initial teacher training at uni. But I am in severe discomfort. My pain was under control but I'm the last few weeks it has come back and has been more severe than previously. I'm missing school and when I am in, it is difficult to concentrate. My GP brushed me off when I asked for strong painkillers with the excuse that is isn't the right thing to do for someone so young. My issue is, do I go back and demand stronger painkillers or have my first laperoscopy to have some of the scarring removed and hopefully help the pain? But would having a lap just be a waste of time if my pain continues after the op? Is it likely?

Thank you. 😃

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Ask your doc to refer you to an endo specialist, if you get a experienced endo surgeon they could excise all endo and your pain would/could stop all together,

I would go for the laparoscopy, have you been diagnosed yet by lap??



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