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I am exhausted

I do correspondence school, but it is becoming harder and harder to focus on what I need to do. People keep telling me to relax and just take my time but how can I when this is the last year that I get free education! Next year its $110 per subject. So there is pressure on me to complete level three NZQA before next year. The last two weeks I've done virtually nothing due to severe headaches, pain and nausea. Now that I can supposedly do something I can't focus because I'm exhausted.

I need someone to help me with this, but I tried talking to my teachers and they don't understand. Except my student adviser, she understands!

I don't want to drop out, but at the same time I'd much rather focus on getting better if you know what I mean. Anyhow I don't think that mum would let me dropout of correspondence school now. Not that its her decision :)

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Hi darling, so sorry your suffering like this, it's a shame on your schooling, what is correspondence school, (just curios) lol, or nosey,

The best advice I can offer is set small targets and rest in between as much as possible, eat as well as you can, lots of high energy foods, bananas, spinage, nuts seeds ect.

Do you have good and bad times, days weeks ect? Or are you feeling constantly crap?

What treatment are you on or had for your endo?

Good luck with everything, chin up,



Correspondence school is like homeschooling except that you receive all your work in the mail. So the work is sent to me and I complete the booklets and assignments and then send them to my teacher to be marked. When I need to ask my teachers something I have to phone or email them. Its a lot of work, but a lot better then regular school.

Yes I have good days and bad days, mornings I work best, afternoons are not so good :( I haven't been diagnosed with endo yet and haven't been to a specialist though we're pushing for it. Its not easy to get an appointment.

I've just recovered from the worst period in history!!!! Now I'm taking Ava 30 and hoping like crazy that it will work. Right now I have no appetite either.

I'll try your ideas.

Thanks for your support.


Really sorry your struggling! Im doing Open Uni - which is uni at home, and i am also on a deadline to get my degree finished before 2017 - it seems a long way off but it really isn't when you realise how much work there is, and I'm doing 2 courses towards the degree that finish in june with exams! I feel your pain. Ive spent the past few weeks in a sort of haze - it seems once one symptom stops, another comes, and then you are just exhausted to do anything!!

I haven't actually asked for any help, i mean i ask for extensions occasionally, but other than that i haven't actually rang them to say 'i have endometriosis, how can you help', as i feel like they won't do anything!

I don't really have any advice I'm afraid, but your definitely not alone in this!! Im sure you'll do brilliantly with your correspondence school!!

Emma Xx


Next time you go to your Gp please try these

1) Take someone with you, pref someone older, mum dad, aunte anyone, and make it clear to your doctor that you have brought them along as you feel no one is doing anything for you, and your not coping alone.

2) write down all symptoms how ever small and times ext afternoons worse,

3) tell them you need to be referred to a gyne endo specialist today,

4) take a print out of something online that you relate to and highlight everything,

5) be strong, and persistent.

And keep your fingers crossed.

Have you had any scans ext?? What type of pain are you in??



Yes I had one ultrasound scan a little while ago which showed nothing. I get sharp pains before going to the toilet and chest pains if I eat too much (which by other peoples standards is not much at all!) Sometimes I get shooting pains that go straight up my back and pricks of pain jump everywhere. Cramping in the middle of the month is common for me and also ovarian pain sometimes while walking.

Otherwise I'm just uncomfortable all the time and I don't feel much like eating. Motions such as walking uphill/downhill, riding on a bus or a car or even just lying down makes me feel nauseous. In fact riding on a bus is the worst because it jolts, and every jolt is like having something shooting through you all the time. When I lie down heavily, like, flop onto the bed I get a shock wave running through my whole back.

Most of the pain comes with a period, so I'm not in pain all the time, just nauseous all the time. Though most mornings I wake up in pain for needing the loo.

We're waiting in hope that the second referral from the doctor will get me an appointment.


Hey, I've done homeschooling too and I completely feel your frustration and pain. People often assume that it is easier to work from home, but when you're ill it's just as stressful and exhausting as being in full time education.

I've had problems with unsympathetic teachers too, and I find the best thing to do is to get an parent or doctor to speak to them/write to them outlining your condition so they can understand how difficult it is and see what you are coping with on a day to day basis. Unfortunately some teachers will not listen until it comes from a parent or doctor. If they continue to be rude after that i would suggest asking to change teachers if possible. You're unwell, you're under enough stress as it is, you don't deserve to be treated badly by teachers on top of all that.

As for completing your education if you are unwell, I would say just try to go at your own pace and not to be too hard on yourself if you find that for some periods of time you cannot complete work. You have your whole life ahead of you to get your education, so it isn't a big deal if you have to take time out to focus on your health. try to be as gentle and nurturing to yourself as possible. What you're going through is really hard.

Love and hugs,

Hannah xo


Hi, I can't complete my education now :) thanks


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