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How long for urgent referral?

I saw a GP on Monday and was told that she would change my gynae referral to urgent given my ongoing pain and discomfort, they are also writing to colo-rectal to request I am re-seen urgently rather than waiting until June. I was originally given a date of April 29th, begging at the gynae secretary saw this moved forward to April 14th. The surgery have just rung me and said I have an urgent gynae on April 29th, when I questioned this they were vague and said that was the soonest they have access to.

Any ideas on how long the wait for an urgent appointment should be? I am going to call gynae and talk tot hem about now having an urgent referral and see what they will do.

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Hi - in view of your reference to a colorectal surgeon and a gynaecologist I assume your endo is expected to be severe? You shouldn't be seen by separate surgeons but by both as part of a team in a specialist endo centre. The NHS itself recommends this. Is this where you are being treated? Have a look at my post on how to find a specialist to be sure you will be see by the right surgeons. It's vital. x


In all honesty they are pretty clueless about what the issue is; endo was just suggested by an really thorough A&E Dr who said the way I reacted to pain meds (i.e. they didn't work well) suggested it was a gynae not bowel problem. I have ongoing left side abdo pain with some massive flare ups (4 A&E visits since November when this all started). Each flare up I get is getting worse and taking longer to taper down to a low level everyday ache. Was initially a few days, this time it has been a couple of weeks.

Colo-rectal are involved as when I first went to A&E they said they thought my bowel had switched off or I was constipated (I dispute this but now take macrogol every other day). I also had similar issues a couple of years ago and a lap was done to see if I had endo but they just found adhesions on my bowel which had pulled it out of line. I have had the results of a Barium enema which say nothing unusual. They don't want to see me until June. Luckily I got the GP to write a letter to say I need to be re-seen urgently as my life is severely affected by the pain. I will ring to chase this next week.

I spoke to gynae and they said as I had an appointment already they need the same letter as colo-rectal to look at moving my appointment forward - apparently only they can do this from their end a GP surgery can just book regular appointments. I have, however got an ultrasound for the end of this month but at Walsall hospital not New Cross. I have no idea what that is all about or who it is for but I am saying nothing - the more things they have on file the better I am hoping!

When I was told the BE was normal it just about broke me. I was so hoping for something so they could start treating me so I can get some power over this thing. Rest assured if I get an endo diagnosis I will fight tooth and nail for specialist treatment. I did try contacting the Birmingham Endo Centre from your post to ask a few questions but never got a response.


Hi - have a look at my post on endo and its many symptoms to see if you identify with any or all of them. Click on my username. If you had adhesions on your bowel at your first lap and had never had pelvic surgery before it is very likely this was endo but the surgeon may not have recognised it if he/she was a general gynae with no specialist training or experience in endo. The problem is that you are only going to get a definitive diagnosis through another lap and this really must be done by someone who will recognise all of it and treat it properly.

With reference to questions you asked the Birmingham centre it will depend on the questions I guess. If you ask about your paticular case they are unlikely to be able to respond without a GP referral but they should respond to questions about the treatment they offer. This would be best done by phone.

However I have googled the named gynaecologist at the centre and his clinical interests are stated as 'Laparoscopic advanced surgery and Endometriosis'. This is the only sort of person you should see with suspected endo. You have to start somewhere and it must be at the right place. I really recommend you go back to your GP with the list of specialists and request a referral there. The problem with an urgent referral to the wrong specialist is that it is likely to cost you dearly down the line due to inappropriate treatment.

Can you message me privately with the name of the gynae you are seeing so we can check their credentials and the hospital. x


Thanks. I don't have a name just an appointment time as it was all done by phone. It's someone at New Cross, Wolverhampton. The lap I first had was by J Pepper at Walsall Manor. He is listed on local private hospital websites as their endometriosis go to guy. I saw a Consultant from his clinic who suggested endo and said I needed the lap so I only saw Dr Pepper for a quick chat before the lap and afterwards when he told me what he had done. He did fit a Mirena at the time which he talked me into against my better judgement. I had it removed after 6 weeks of spotting and breakthrough bleeding which was unbearable.

I emailed the Brum centre to see if they took NHS referrals and what the wait time was and if not what was the cost for a private consultation. Simple enough I had hoped to get a response.

Symptoms wise I am a hayfever sufferer, I have been on the pill for the best part of the last 20 years but when I came off it in 2011-2012 I did not have heavy periods but had some pain. When I am on my 7 day pill free it takes 6 days before I get a bleed and I have noticed that this is getting heavier and have had some clots. I also seem to finish only to get some fresh blood the next day. Pain is worse on my pill free week; am in need of new pills next week so have an appointment to get those as I am not allowed Dianette for any longer so will be discussing my options for something suitable for someone who may have endo and I am planning to not have the 7 day breaks.


You would be able to get the name of the consultant from you GP when you go if you want to check them out and could discuss the issue with your GP about seeing a specialist in endo endoscopy rather than an obstetrician (the general gynaecology endo person),. All that matters is that you are happy you have made the right choice. Good luck.


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