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Worth getting a private consultation?

I have had left sided abdo pain since November, currently "managed" with Tramadol (100mg up to 3x daily) and Buscopan. I have been seen by urology - CT scan showed nothing untoward come back in 6 months, colo-rectal - barium enema showed a nromal bowel with no polyps or diverticulitis. It has now been suggested that the cause may be endometriosis. I had pain in the same location 2 years ago, was seen by gynae who then did a laproscopy and they found adhesions which they removed from my bowel; I left there with less pain post-op than I had when I walked in. I think I probably need the same thing doing again.

The earliest I can be seen by gynae is mid-April which seems a long way away and I am getting depressed and desparate; I am starring to wonder if I am going mad and the pain is all in my head. Is it worth be stumping up the cash and getting a private consultation as obviously that would be quicker than mid April and then jumping back in to the NHS lists for the laproscopy, hopefully saving me a few weeks?

I have no real clue if I have endo but it was suggested when I was in A&E last week in severe pain and the colo-rectal secretary says she thinks it is a good thing to try next given I seem to have seen everyone else.

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If they had already removed adhesions once, surely that means you would of already been diagnosed with Endometriosis couple of years back when it was done the first time?

If you are unable to get anywhere with brining an appointment forward, I think a couple of hundred pound would be worth it for the consultation and then like you say jumping back to the NHS for the procedure.

You've had a lot of other potential all problems ruled out which is helpful so I'm surprised your having to wait all this time and once u have your gynea appt, your only gonna be put on another waiting list for the laparoscopy so if you are struggling, I personally would go with stumping up the cash

Good luck x


When they did the lap the Consultant saw me when I was still dazed and said he didn't see endo just the adhesions which he removed. This is what I am waiting for the gynae appointment again.

I have a GP appointment today so going to see if he can expedite things. I felt better Friday and Saturday but was frivolous and ate twice yesterday so am in a lot of pain today :(


Good luck, be forceful x


I saw a locum GP who was lovely and has said she will write a letter to ask gynae to see me as urgent and also to the colo-rectal people to say they need to review me before June as well. She said it is unrealistic to expect me to live with this amount of pain and gave me a prescription for Buscopan to save me buying them from the chemist. I was surprised she offered me more Tramadol as I only got my last lot a couple of weeks ago; I was good and said I was OK for those.

Weirdest thing is that when I got home I had a letter from a different hospital (Walsall whereas I am being seen at Wolverhampton) for an abdominal and pelvic ultrasound on March 31st. No idea where this one has come from but I'll take it as a move forward.

Got an appointment this evening with the nurse for a smear and some new pills as I am not allowed any more of my current on (Dianette). Maybe this will make a difference.


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