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Firstly I want to apologise as this is grumble post but I really don't know where else or who else to talk to about things.

Pain wise today hasn't been to bad a few niggles but manageable , but iam so emotional I could have sat and cried all day long and I just don't understand why.

My hot sweats have got worse I woke last night soaking through couldn't get back to sleep and ended up in tears. Iam so damn tired I've really had enough.

I don't think my partner understands I've tried talking to him about it and show him info about endo but nothing.

Lap booked for 8th May which is a positive but I have had enough of being tired sweaty and emotional.

Sorry again ladies.

Rant over


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Hi Georgina101,

Firstly - don't apologise! Believe me, if I apologised every time I felt like you do right now I'd spend about a year doing nothing else!

The time leading up to diagnosis can be an extremely emotional time, so it's completely understandable that you're feeling the way you are right now. All I can say in the way of consolation is you have a date to work towards. I can guarantee that the 8th May will come round quickly and in the meantime I would try and arm yourself with as much information about endo as you can manage, so you know what you're dealing with if it turns out that's what you have.

As for your partner, you have my empathy. My hubby was very much the same when I was first diagnosed, but I think a lot of it comes from lack of knowledge. 'Women's things' aren't something guys openly talk about between themselves and in my experience they won't ask you because they're either embarrassed or worried they'll get it wrong. The way in which I finely 'broke the ice' with my hubby was to leave it with an open invitation of 'if you want to know something, just ask me!' It took him a while, but we got there in the end and now he knows more than I do!

I know it seems like there's no light at the end of the tunnel at the moment, but all I can say is try to stay strong and hang in there. After the 8th May you'll finely be able to start taking next steps and this can only be a positive thing...

Take care...

this-is-me :o)


Hello, it's hard waiting for that date to come round ive git my 1st lap on th 21st to diagnose, and if endo found they will excise, I can't wait, I think the most worrying thing is if nothing is found, if like me you have had lots of scans test ect, then I have no idea what next if it isn't end or adenomyosis,

Does your partner go to your appointments with you, if he dosnt see if he will, it makes it easier if you both hear the same thing,

Good luck with you lap, xxx

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Are you still working.? My first lap was meant to be at the end of April and the fact that I got signed off and constantly nagged the hospital, it got brought forward 5 weeks. I'm not saying go off work if you don't need too but it certainly helped bring things closer for me and ring the hospital everyday if you have too.

Hope you feel better soon x


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