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I have suspected endo of the bowel

I have been feeling very anxious due to being off work since before Christmas. I know this is due to finances. The doctor has prescribed sertraline and I am not sure I should take them. Until further examinations have been carried out. Has anyone else had this. If I go back and talk to her about it I feel like a problem patient..

I have had endo for the past 30 years nearly.

I feel all they want to label is the stress and the anxiety and not the under problem that is causing it.

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Hi - it must be absolutely up to you if you want to be given medication for stress and it sounds as though you are handling your stress without. Has the doctor gone through the side effects with you or have you looked on the leaflet that comes with them? The side effects of these drugs can be worse than what they are intended to resolve. Have a look at the link at the end of this post.

You don't say what is proposed about endo treatment. Have a look at my post on endo and its symptoms and how to get seen by a specialist. Try and focus on that and get your endo dealt with. Medication can actually increase your oestrogen levels if they are metabolised by the same liver enzyme and this one is (as are most drugs). If you don't want to take the medication just don't take it - you don't need your GP's permission. Trust your own instincts. x



Hi .. Thanks for your advice. I have made to decision not to take the pills. As no my gp did not explain anything about them. It was left for me to read the leaflet.. I was diagnosed 10 years ago and underwent 3 laps one to remove all adhesion which where connected to the tubes, bowel and bladder. I was always aware that it would not go away and could flare up. I changed doctor 2 months ago due to moving. And I am still chasing up my new doctor to retrieve my notes from previous doctor. she has promised to have read all my notes by my next appointments (.vaginal internal and biopsy ) on the 20th so we will see. Thanks again for your advice. X


Can I ask what symptoms you have had as I had it on the bowel mildly in 2012 and think returned seeing gynae in April x


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