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Intolerance tests

Hello. In a last attempt to rule out any other causes for bowel issues, I'm due to have tests done for malabsorption and intolerances. These tests jnclude the d-xylose test, the lactose test and a new test called pancreokit (to check enzymes).

Does anyone have ezperience of any of these. What should I expect? My biggest worry is having to drink some foul concoction and feeling/being sick!

Any tips?

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I have never heard of these tests. Are you getting them done at hospital? I went to a nutritionalist and she performed a VETA test which showed an intolerance to wheat, barley, rye, buck wheat, cod, trout, gin, wine, beer and 5 e-numbers.

I had a marked improvement in my symptoms after cutting these out my diet.



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