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Doctor has ruled out endo when I'm so sure, now what?

I have just been to the doctor after having an ultrasound scan last week. He had conferred with another doctor who is more gyna specialist. He basically said that the other doctor suggested I go on the pill. I said I'm happy to go on the pill however it still leaves a lot unanswered as to why I suffer as I do naturally. It's not normal to be in as much pain as I am. I am being sent for bloods on Wednesday morning to check for an underactive thyroid. He completely dismissed the idea of it being endo even though when I read the NHS page for Endo it's like it's describing me. I feel so frustrated with it all and fed up.

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Thats awful... And its tough... Ask to see a diff person xx good luck...scans wont show the endo.. mine did an internal and she could feel rough surface and sent me for a lapo to confirm endo.


Hi, I am so sorry and so sick of hearing about dismissive doctors - grr!!

Laparoscopy is still currently the only definitive way to diagnose endometriosis.

Having suffered from endo for over 20 years and having had 5 laparoscopies, hormone treatments and various pain relief I can to a certain extent understand the importance of using the least invasive options to treat symptoms. After all all surgery carries risk and multiple surgeries can cause scar tissue and adhesions that can cause pain and issues in themselves.

However I don't believe it's ok that women are being expected to just live with pain.

Unfortunately my experience over the years has shown that some GP's know even less about endo than I do! All too often women are having to educate themselves rather than rely on so called professionals to correctly diagnose and treat the symptoms they present with. Anyway rant over (for now lol).

It may be a good idea to try the pill to see if it helps first but ultimately if your symptoms persist can you seek a 2nd opinion from another GP either within the same practice or another?

It can sometimes also be beneficial to take someone with you to your appointment who can support and even stand up for you if necessary.

Also if you still feel you may have endometriosis it is best to ask to be referred to an endo specialist which you are well within your rights to demand. You can find a list of accredited endo centres on the web: bsge.org.uk. You can choose to be referred to any endo specialist on the list anywhere in the country. Some are private consultants only so unless you have private health insurance or the money ensure you choose a NHS one.

I wish you all the best.


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