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Feeling pretty fed up :(

Just felt like i wanted to rant a bit, so apologies for anyone who reads this. I was first diagnosed with Endometriosis back in 2010, by going for a laparoscopy. Since then i have had two more laparoscopies. Each where they found endo round my bowel, bladder, and in the Pouch of Douglas. Now its all starting again, burning and stabbing pain round my front and back. Kinda feels like i am wearing a children's inflatable rubber ring round my stomach which is soo tight and on fire. My stomach is really bloated too all the time. The worst part is as soon as i wake up in the morning, and get out of bed. Sometimes the pain is sooo bad i can't even walk and have had to go to A&E (where they just inject me with really strong painkillers) And of course I'm not going to feel anything then. I also get excruciating stabbing pains whilst going to the loo (both types).

I'm feeling sooo low and frustrated because after the last operation i actually felt great for quite sometime. I'm now in a new relationship and this is the first time he has seen me like this, and i am struggling big time. I seem to be crying all the time, and feeling very drained, also i have had sooo much time off work. It makes me feel helpless.

The doctors also said that they think i have IBS also, (after process of elimination of all other bowel problems) Now they are saying that they think its come back, but they do not want to operate on me again due to creating more scar tissue.

The doctors have now said for me to try Zoladex. Is anyone currently on Zoladex, if so has it helped at all?

I already have a mirena coil, which obviously doesn't seem to be working for me.

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I had zoladex (also the buserelin spray) before my first lapo and I have to say that even though it gave me some menopause type side effects that it did actually help to control things until they could get me in for the op. It didn't make it go away completely but it gave me a little bit of life back. I would say if they are offering it it might be worth a go.


If you have the course of zoladex at least you'll have an idea then if it is endo causing the pain. The thing I'd be concerned about is what happens after the 6 months, as it is time limited... What are they proposing to do after?


Remove the mirena, get onto to homeopathy. If you have an acupuncturist nearby please schedule a few visits. Cannot tell you how much they help. Cut down on all processed food.

It helps it really really does. I promise.


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