Endo and sacroiliitis

I have mild sacroiliitis (inflam of sacroiliac joint) and starting physio soon. In July I had been off my pill for few months and the buttock/lower back/hip pain started , also have groin pain one side, cystitis feeling and ibs symptoms etc and all the other symptoms of when I was first diagnosed with minor endo. My doctor won't refer me to gynae as insisting they wouldn't accept referral. can I push for a referral and do then have to send me if I do this?

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Hi, you have already been diagnosed with endo so your gp should refer you. I would get a second opinion with different gp. Best wishes xx

Ah thank you ....in going to go back again on Monday and insist I think...xx

Good luck but if you don't get anywhere change your gp surgery, I did and was referred to endo specialist fingers crossed for you xx

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