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Laparoscopy and Pregnancy?


I have had heavy periods since they started, to the point it has on and off caused Anemia. They are always painful the first two days. A couple of times I've had light bleeding a day after sex, and initially have pain during sex. I also get bad bloating, a need to urinate all the time, and a bad stomach on my period. My doctors now think it is likely I have Endometriosis. I am seeing a gyno again next month to talk about a lappscopy. I am 24, unemployed, currently working towards a Masters Degree which ends in Septmeber, live with parents, and am single. I have been single for a long time, and see no hope of me finding someone at this point. I want children. I have always wanted children, even when I was one myself. It's the only thing I have ever wanted. I read that the first year after lapscopy is the prime time to get pregnant, but, as I am unfortunate in most areas of life, I do not have a partner, so it's not like I can just start TTC. I am now considering a donor, but I have heard the waiting lists can take two years.


My question is, will being on the pill after the lap stop it from coming back? It's going to take time for me to get a stable job, a donor, and possible further fertility treatment if needed. My parents have also agreed to support me. Can I ask the surgeons not to remove tissue if it's not at a later stage, so it can be removed when I am ready for pregnancy? My doctor has given me no real information on fertility and endo, she just said 'Most of the time the cause of infertility is unknown'.

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Hi Sam, I'm sorry to hear you haven't been given much information. I am replying as your symptoms are almost identical to mine. I ignored these, carried on and put up with the pain until I started getting a painful lump down there. My GP referred me for a laparoscopy as she was convinced this was caused by endo in my pouch of Douglas. She was correct! Surgery revealed moderate to severe endo and as I was not yet ready to start trying to conceive, I went on hormone treatment called provera for 6 months to stop my periods. I am led to believe that endo returns when your periods do so if you aren't having them, you shouldn't have symptoms. The side effects were hard but worth not being in pain. I came off provera in June 2014 and did start trying for a baby, however I am nearly 33, married and in a position to do so. Please do not be forced or rushed into trying, I am nearly 10 years older and it is still possible for me to conceive. Unfortunately I miscarried at 12 weeks on Monday but my endo did not play a part in this. On a positive note, we know I can conceive so you must talk to a specialist and tell them all your concerns, try to stop panicking and just get better. They will find a treatment that will work for you and your stage in life. I wish you lots of luck x


Hi Sam, Sounds to me your like one of the hundreds of women that have had shall we say 'unhelpful' doctors, I was in a consultation with Amy last week, and she answered similar questions to the one's that you have. She said - There is no proven increased link of Miscarrying in women that have Endo than in Women that don't suffer, the fertility, from what the consultant said is dependant on where the Endo is. In Amys case it is not on her tubes, or in the way of anything so shouldn't hinder the getting pregnant process.

The consultant also told us that there are no adverse effects of being on the pill long time, which was the reason Amy stopped taking it when she was 20 as she had been taking it continuously for 8 years and that was when the problems started for Amy.

You have your parents with you, and most importantly you need to put yourself first and get whatever treatment you need to try and manage the Endo, if that's what it is. Once you get a bit closer to being booked in for the Lap, they will tell you what the risks / advantages are, the main one in my mind being that you will actually find out if it is Endometriosis, or if it isn't. Then a plan can be put together to get you better.

Keep your chin up.


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