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Endo/vaginismus - my way of changing hospitals

Due to being treated in a bad way and not offered explor. lap - I was for the first time in 10 years crying

hard. I have pathology report of endo - but was only offered sex therapist help!

Nothing that was said about my symptoms or surgery history was noted - my GP letter back said one

sentence about my problem.

I just moved - as a way to meet a new GP. Where I liived Before the GP had official warnings on google

and referrals were never sent away etc.

The new GP directly helped me.

I had a copy of the BSGE centre list with me, and NHS guidelines for severe endo with notes

that I needed THEM TO ASSESS ME - NOT THE gp!. I have severe adhesions.

I had a great male GP - who was very understanding with the gyn stuff, but the hospital was


Speak up, take someone with you. Ask to see your notes in journal later.

Why are all we endo sisters treated so badly?

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Dear Intellecta,

I am sorry to hear of the experience you have had with the previous GP. Hopefully, you are now getting the help you need and deserve. If you are not happy with the service, perhaps you need to change again. I will attach the link for you:


You do not mention if you have been officially diagnosed with endometriosis but I thought I would send you some information that may be of use:




These links are useful ahead of an appointment with your specialist:



I wish you well.

Take care,



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