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People need to know more about this


Since I have been working with my endo life I have realised that there is less knowledge about this.

Sometimes not even GP are not sure of it and not sure what they are looking for, I know is because the symptoms vary to other medical issues but still...

Although is not something easy to talk about I am sure there are plenty other women's suffering and probably not knowing what are they suffering from.

We should persuade NHS to give more information about this to GP and other consultants to be discussing because I don't think they understand the changes we go through or the pain we have to deal with; please don't get me wrong I am trying not be selfish but I just think there is more to tell and we should now about it not just find out bits and bobs through painfully experiences...

I look forward to your thoughts.

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I am in total agreement considering how many people are affected by this disease and not to mention the loss of hours of work etc it still astounds me that this is not more recognised and dealt with more promptly .

I was very lucky that my old gp picked up on this with my very first appointment with but you hear scores of stories where people are left suffering for years in end .

I believe that we have made a start with having endo centres that have to be acredited

And that's recognition in itself but we have a long long way to go !!!

Great post thanks

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Yes that is so true. And it doesn't matter what age you are. Anyone that's a female can end up getting Endometriosis. And it's often overlooked bybOb/Gyn Dr's. That often don't have all the facts. Or as knowledgeable as some other On/Gyn Dr's. Or medical doctors in general. Often a medical Dr. That is familiar with Endometriosis... Can give a proper diagnosis/recommend what is necessary. When I thought all On/Gyn Dr's should be able to as well. Boy some lack expertise, and bad. And have not got all the facts. Or knowledge about Endometriosis. When others know their job well. And know how to help someone. Often you run into a recurrent problem. Where all Dr's. aren't as smart on treating it. Or have all the facts. And know exactly what to do.

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