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getting a diagnosis

Hi, I've had heavy periods for a number of years now and I was put on the pill to help the situation and it seemed to help for a while. It then started getting more painful when on my period to the point where i'd have to go to bed for several few hours to alleviate the pain. I'm also experiencing very painful intercourse. I went to the docs a few times and was prescribed various medications and referred to a gynaecologist and had a scan but I was told I haven't got endometriosis and i was to take a tablet (can't remember the name) and that would help but been taking it a few months now as and when I'm on my period and it hasn't had any effect whatsoever. Pain is getting worse not better. I read that it is often difficult to diagnose, do you think I should go back to my doctor?


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Hi Zebede. Sorry to hear that you have been having such a hard time. Your symptoms do sound very "endometriosis-y" especially the pain during intercourse which is a very common symptom of endo. I can't tell you whether or not you definitely have endo but I can say that no scan can diagnose endo. Its usually a laparoscopy that diagnosis' endo. I had several scans before my first lap which didn't show how severe my endo was and also why I was in my 20's and seeing the continence care nurse because I couldn't hold my bladder (the endo was causing lesions on my bladder). Push for a laparoscopy. No one wants surgery but the sooner you know the better xx


Thank you so much for your help! I'll book an appt with my doc again as its really holding me back! Although I've always had a fear of anaesthetic :(


Has the gynaecologist discharged you now? I'm surprised they only did a scan as already said above can not show or diagnose Endometriosis ! It obviously is affecting you or you wouldn't be here writing about it, I would suggest going to GP suggesting that nothing they've done has been beneficial and you really need a referral! Good luck!


Yes she said she didn't think it was endo but my gp was quite surprised hearing that! Definitely going to book an appt with my GP again


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