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Endemetriosis pain persists again. With same symptoms/pain. Me dine that was given in past quit working again. Just like before. It took something very strong for me to get some relief. Since my last exam... I've barely gotten any relief. The exam hurt as bad as before. With the Endemetriosis. Even though I've had to take stronger medicine before could get relief. That's what happens with Endemetriosis pain. And trying to keep calm, and not be upset and angry. With people that don't know how to help. Is so exhausting and aggravating. It's a serious matter. That doesn't get taken care of always correctly. It's sad. But keeping your chin up, and moving to find someone else. To help you. Helps when they're more knowledgeable. With their expertise. Even though they try to make you feel worse. By doing nothing to help. I had a Dr. Say hope it gets better. What? Oh it made me so angry. That doesn't go away on it's own. How dare them. I'm finding a better doctor. That knows what they're doing. Good luck to everyone. This isn't something that I normally do. Reach out to others. I really appreciate the support site being available. Thanks for making it available.

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