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strange diagnosis

Hi guys, been a while since i wrote on here. As i'm here I though id ask if anyone else has been diagnosed similarly or heard of this. My second laparoscopy came back showing I had varicose veins in my uterus, not only this but they noticed I had many many more veins than an average woman(apparently i was just born like it). Theyve said that there is nothing more they can do for me as they cant clip them and this along with my endo is why i am in so much pain. Please share if you know of anything similar. It is worth noting that I wont be going back to hospital again unless I am absolutely crippled because to be honest theres not much point and they have said the chronic pain specialist doesnt deal with pelvic pain and gave me an anti epilepsy drug that I havnt taken.

becki xxx

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Epilepsy drugs can be really effective at blocking nerve pain the side affects at first are not nice but they really do work was it pregablin or gabapentin they gave you?


They've prescribed pregabilin but i've not gone to pick up the prescription. I dont particularly like the idea of feeling drugged every day and still manage to handle a full time job, fend for myself and keep my energy. I dont feel like that would be a step forward at all. I wish there was something that would be some sort of treatment not just a way of tricking your brain into thinking its not that bad and suffering side affects.


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