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Lap on Tuesday to see if I have endo!


I'm new to this forum but been looking through some of the posts, basically I'm having my laparoscopy on Tuesday to see if I have endo, I'm not too worried about the op as I had a lap 1 year ago to remove appendix and 8c

m dermoid cyst on my right ovary. Its what the outcome will be that worries me, I've been suffering with lower abdo pains, pain during sex, feeling like my womb is been pulled through my vagina! So painful! After many doctors appointments and scans and complaining aha the doctors think I may have endo on my womb ovaries bladder and bowel due to a lot of pain. No infections found so will keep you updated on how things go and if they do find anything during the lap.

I was just writing to see if anyone could share their experiences with me. Thank you! :)xx

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Good luck, I'm waiting for my date for first laporoscopy, as your surgeons said they will burn/take any away if found, that's what mine told me. let us no how u get on.


I have been waiting since the beginning of November for mine, I had to keep ringing them and the only reason I got my date was because I rang them to remind them on, they said they didn't know why I hadn't had a date arranged for me, ( just carelessness probably) hope everything goes okay for you! And I'll let you know how I get on :) thanks for the reply x


Hi to both of you.

Do you want to know anything specific about our experiences? Is it to do with what we were diagnosed with? How the ops went? How we are now? Or everything?

Then I'll know how much to type ;) x


I'd like to know everything really, its nice to hear about other peoples experiences :)x


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