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Hi, I have just joined today to try to help others going through what I have been through. I had Endometriosis for over 5 years, after being diagnosed with everything from appendicitis to Constipation I finally got the endometriosis diagnosis 18 months ago. Unfortunately I seem to manage to get the most unsympathetic Consultant. This consultant brought me in for a laparoscopy in order to clear the Endometriosis. The next day after the op he came to my bedside and said the endometriosis was minimal and that putting me through early menopause for a while may help my symptoms, to which I agreed not knowing how it would affect me. The hormones ended up not agreeing with me (I have always had complications with artificial hormones) I went back to the Gyn Clinic, to which the consultant informed me he had done everything he could and if I wasn't willing to try treatment then there was nothing else he could do. Needless to say I ended up with the pain back and it was more severe this time. I had to take a year out of University as I couldn't function do the pain and painkillers. I finally got referred to a female consultant thanks to a lovely locum GP, who finally understood what I was going through. I am now 9 days post hysterectomy op and I haven't felt this good in years, even though I am still a bit delicate. At the moment it was the best decision I have made. The plus side is that I have already had children so I felt this was the best option for me though it wasn't taken lightly as I am only 35 and I still get broody and I also have a mental illness that makes it a little harder to manage the lowness after the op. Any Questions or similar experiences would be happily received :-) xx

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Hi there glad to hear your on the mend, I'm waiting for my date for my 1st laporoscopy to confirm endo or adenomyosis, I've been having problem periods painfull every month and the I'd painfull day until September I was taken in hospital due to server pelvic pain, unfortunately they found a kidney stone and although all the consultants said they didn't think my pain was down to this they wasn't willing to investigate further until I passed the stone, so i hap lithotripsy and passed it and I'm now still in daily pain some worse than others my period are getting worse, I see a gyne before and she was useless because the scans came back clear her comment was get the coil and come back in 6 months, that was after me telling her I had the coil years ago and couldn't get it to fit right, when she examined me it didn't hart at all and she never mentioned my tilted uterus, so I went back to GP after stone episode and got referred to another gyne doc, he examined me hurt me because I beleive he did it properly and explained why the coil might of been uncomfortable due to tilted uterus, really lovely man, so now waiting for him to do lap, and if he finds any endo he will take it out, if however he suspects adenomyosis, he will give me 6 months GnHR and then consider a hysterectomy, I'm 39 and thankfully have my children too. I can't wait for my lap, and some answers to my pain,



Hold on in there, when you find a Gyn consultant you feel comfortable with it makes all the difference. I Have an infection at the moment after the Op however I still feel better than I did before my op. I hope you get the answers you are looking for as its no life having to cope with pain every day. xx


I honestly know how you feel. I've been suffering since I was 13 years of age. I've been in and out of hospital so many times basically being told there is nothing wrong with me. I went from different hospitals to finally see a consultant who gave me the fake Menopause. For a while things were ok but then I didn't get on with the hormones and suffered high blood pressure with nose bleeds. It was like they didn't care or wouldn't listen to me. I'm now seeing a different consultant who actually listens and doesn't make me feel stupid and I had surgery last year to find out I have Endometriosus all over quite severely. All those years of being told nothing was wrong when actually I had this I find really frustrating and upsetting. It's now under control but I will need a hysterectomy eventually. I'm glad you are feeling better :-)


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