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Can anyone give me any advice! Please!

Hello all :)

Had a mirena fitted early december to hopefully help endo. Had the coil fitted and was then sent for ultrasound to make sure there were no cysts. Had ultrasound which found numerous cysts on both ovaries. Nothing bleeding so believed to be physiological. Biggest on right 2.5cms and a cm larger on left. Have bloating and aching & cramping nothing to severe but does seem to be getting worse.

Just been to have mirena checkup and they couldn't find it, probably due to the bleeding which is rather heavy and has been going on for 3 weeks with no sign of let up!

Anyway was asked what what next, I obviously don't know whats going on, I was told to make sure there were no cysts now that I have them its like oh well I don't know!

Should I be concerned or not, don't feel worried but just feel a bit ignored!

Would be so grateful for any advice x

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