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Worried is Endo back already?

Hi all,

I'm so worried that my Endo might be back. I had an operation in November to remove Endo that was sitting on and inside my bladder, on my ovaries and adhesions that were everywhere, my bowels were stuck to everything.

I was painfree in December and felt great for the first time in 5 years. I noticed last month that my lower back was hurting and I was getting slight pains in my bladder and ovarys. Last week I started having bleeding in my urine and bleeding after sex. My bladder cystitis is back and the pains are unbearable again, I hate the burning and stabbing pains, I can't sleep now, have to keep going for a wee during the night. I'm so tired all the time, loss of appetite, I can go a whole day without eating. I'm A bit scared of visiting my GP worried about what he's going to say. I haven't told my hubby about my pains.

Does this mean my Endo is back?


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Not "back" per say, but more like the other microscopic endos are now feeling free to get bigger and make themselves known. Did your Dr. put you on any b.c.? Because even when they say the endo is removed, there could still be tiny endo they didn't see; and that feeds on the estrogen your body makes. Definitely go back to your doctor. You might have to do several steps to help keep the pain away or down to a minimum. And you need to tell your hubby. Because when we are in THAT much pain, we can't hide the pain that shows in our body language and on our faces. My mom can tell when I hurt more then normal just by a quick glance at me.


Hi thank you for replying.

The only medication that I'm on is Lansoprazole tablets they are for my acid reflux.

I tried booking an appointment to se my GP but have to ring back next week Monday as he is on holiday.

I'm dredging telling my hubby about my pains, I know the look he will give me and know what he will say. It's my children that know when I'm in pain, they always know when I try to hide it. My hubby never knows, doesn't ask how I am unless my children tell him that I'm in pain.


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