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Work and endometriosis


I've been diagnosed endometriosis, I have 5 cm chocolate cyst in one ovary and I am having problems to get pregnant.

I am waiting the letter for the hospital to attend for laparoscopy.

I am living and working in UK because my husband is English. I am worry because I couldn't go today to work. I am designer and I work in a showroom. This month the pain is been really bad and I can't stand up for moments about the pain.

As this is the first day that I don't go to work for this reason, I would like to know if I need a letter of my doctor or any medical document.

My boss seemed not happy about I couldn't go to work... But literally I am diying with sever cramps and I feel really week...

Thanks very much...

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Hello there. You can self certify for a 1 week period meaning you can take off 7 days in a row before you need a doctors note.

That said, I'd make an appointment with your GP as soon as possible to get medication sorted while you wait for your lap. Even just getting good pain medication would be better than nothing.

Hope it's better soon x


Many thanks for your respond Liz! The gynecologist gave me a prescription and this month I am much better... thanks!


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