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Second Opinion Needed? (15yrs)

Hi everyone! Some of you may have seem my post earlier on this month. I would just like to update you on what's happening. I've been schedule to have another ultrasound scan on 15th feb to check on the right ovarian cyst, which is currently around 4cm. However I have not got another appt with my gynae consultant until the 3rd of March. Usually when I have stomach pains I feel down for a few days but manage to pick myself up and return to my normal daily live(dancing 5 nights a week). However i have been having extreme pain over this past week and my energy feels drained. I am eating healthy and still going to school as I have missed so much already this term, but I have not been to dancing in 3 weeks. My mum is worried because nothing is getting done quick and I'm only 15. We were thinking about requesting a referral to another gynae team for a 2nd opinion? Do you think this is a good idea? Or if not does anyone have any suggestions? Thankyou so much!

Pheebs x

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Hi there sorry to hear what you are going through. You can ask for another referral to another consultant /hospital with a shorter waiting time . Go back to your gp with your mum and say that you are in to much pain and is there another hospital you can go to x good luck and I hope you begin to feel better .soon x another thought if your pain is really bad it might be worth asking your gp for a emergency scan to see what is happening with the cyst or go to a and e! Don't be polite just explain rhat the pain is really bad. Take care

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Hi thanks for the reply! I'm going to see private gynaecologist in Chesire on Friday so hopefully she will give me some answers x


Ok that's great good luck . I hope all goes well. Do keep in contact so I know are you are doing . Take care ?


Thankyou I will keep you updated x


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