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Pelvic & womb pain that stops period and gives severe pain?

I am 39 years old and have been suffering from severe pelvic pain. I have had an ultra sound and although it has shown nothing I have been told my symptoms are likely to be endometriosis. I am interested to know if anyone else is experiencing what I am because when I research I can only find symptoms that describe heavier bleeding. My period starts and after 12 hours it completely stops, this is when the pain starts, before the period stops I have normal period pain, nothing bad at all. The period completely stops for 3 to 4 hours and while it has gone I am in so much pain in my lower pelvis / womb, as soon as my period comes back the pain stops and I go back to having a normal period with normal pain. It is getting worse each month, last month it felt like birth contractions and instead of just being low down I started to get pain elsewhere.

Has anyone heard of endometriosis stopping your period.

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Hi there, i havnt heard of this, but I've only just started out on this road, I'm also 39 and have bad period for ever, apart from when on the pill they where slightly better, I started getting pelvic pain at any time of the month about 2 years ago and now experience pelvic, back, groin, hip pain on a daily basis, for the last 5/6 months I have had 3/5 good days 2 days after my period starts for the last 2 month, has your GP referred you to a gyne doc, it wouldn't hurt to get an appointment. Xxx


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