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Azoospermia & Endometriosis

hi everyone

today I was severely in pain when I find this community.

I was very happy that there are people who listen and answer

it's now for 4 months that the dr diagnosed us as a couple with Azoospermia and Endometriosis my husband is having a prolactinoma and under treatment .

I am two weeks post surgery after my Endo laparoscopy and am at the moment receiving pills called maxim to stop the period cycle. Before we are hopefully producing sperm.

yesterday was my first day of period after the laparoscopy and i am severely in pain i always thought that after surgery i will have no pain on my period. i would like to know if anybody of you have the same condition?

How does it treated in your countries. We live in Germany and I have no trust to medical system here.

Many thanks


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