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Afternoon pain

Hi ladies, I hope you all had a good weekend, I'm just curious if anyone else feels so much worse in the afternoon than in the mornings, I'm like two different people, for the first few hours of the day I tend to feel Okish still got aches and pains, and then depending on what chores activities I do, with in a few hours I can be in chronic pain,

I have pain most days a lot better for a few days after my period and gets progressively worse through out the month, I'm waiting for a date for lap, im just so fed up, xxx

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I also get pain in the afternoons, I have it through the night and take pain killers and I can almost sleep through. Then I wake up and its not so bad and is bearable and then suddenly after a few hours of being awake I am in chronic pain and doubled over. Is this what happens to you?


Hi Al92, yes, it's worse the busier I am, but still gets worse in the afternoon if I'm not busy at all, have you had endo confirmed, where is it and what have they done for you. X


I have not had anything confirmed and I have been waiting for four-five years to find out what all the symptoms and pain is related too. I'm 99%sure I have this however doctors seem to only want to do something when i'm in the pain and other than that appointments take weeks to get and its the same tests over and over again.


Have you requested a laporoscopy, has your gyne given you anything,


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