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Was diagnosed with Endo in sept 2013, had lap to remove it, symptoms came back , back pain, but had really bad pain in the pelvic region which I never had before, gyno put me on prostap which has helped with the pain in my back, had an MRI done and results were that I have bilateral adnexal cysts, gyno had my bloods taken and asked that my ca125 be checked, I am so worried that this may be cancer, I have to wait a week before I get the results of the test, what else could it be. Anyone else have these? If so what treatment did U have ?

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I was diagnosed sep 13 too, I have really bad back pain and have begged for a MRI but was told no! Sounds like you have doctors who are helping you. I also had the need to wee all the time which I never had before the lap and pain in the right side which I also never had before. I was put on amptrixiline which really helped But I was basically told to get on with it!


Happily I've never been told to just get on with it, my doctor is a star, and gyno is excellent, really helpful, and caring. When the pain was really bad my doctor prescribed me morphine which was excellent, I have had every test, and scan , as have lost a lot of weight, and don't have any appetite really. Thank you for your reply , its a shame some of us don't get taken seriously.

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