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Coil and endo? Treatment?

after some advice. After years of bleeding. Infections. Pain and trouble. I had my baby 14 months ago and since I stopped breastfeeding I have constantly been bleeding. They have took my implant out now saying that could be the cause. I saw a new doctor yesterday who said I should have been told to go on the marina coil if I have endo as it thinnens the lining of the womb and treats endo!! After years of crap. Im only just being told this? Im booked in for it in 2 weeks so just wandering if any woman have any stories or advice. ( I prefer to hear from woman who know what im talking about) not relying on doctors anymore! Thank you in advance xx

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Oh dear! I'm afraid the mirena wont "treat" your endo, you have been given duff info. It should help with reducing or even stopping bleeding. I'm on my 3rd (although I'm having issues with this last one) In all honesty I would say try the coil if it works you will enjoy reduced/no bleeding.

Good luck x


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