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Fed up

I apologise in advance for the rant and moan....after years of misdiagnosis and then treatments for endo I was told on the 18th November that I needed a bladder and rectal prolapse repair and stress incontinence repair and was told I would hear within two weeks after he'd conferred with my pain consultant that I was in the op waiting list. After a rough few weeks and not hearing anything I contacted his secretary today to find out what was happening only to find out that my pain consultant hasn't responded to him yet and isn't likely too for a few more weeks and until she does they won't be able to put me on the waiting list...and all the while that this is going on I have a daily struggle at work with leaking everytime I bend,go up the stairs or do just about anything....and the daily struggles with going to the loo along with the pain....! I'm just so down and fed up with it all was really hoping I wouldn't have to wait months but looks like I'm in for the long haul :-( sorry for rant just so frustrated :-(

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I wish there was something I could do to ease your pain. You sound as if you've had to put up with awful treatment as well as the awful disease.

Perhaps you can go to your gp and say that if you have to last until this magical appointment arrives they need to give you something to cope in the mean time.




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