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I don't know what to do next


My name is amy and I'm 22 . I got diagnosed with endo around 1 and a half years ago, since then i have had 3 operations all being laproscopy's to have the endo lazored off. I have tried a few things to get my endo under control . Contraception pills both I had to come off due to migraines . On my last op I has the coil fitted . This gave me bad side affects so I had to have it removed . After my op I feel the pain eases for a few months and now it's come back with a bang and I duno what I can do next . I am awaiting a appointment to see my gynecologist but I duno what suggestions there are left

It's running my life and job . When I have sex it's hurts and u bleed . Any advice I would appreciate

Thankyou Amy

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Sorry to hear you're suffering! Have you tried prostap? I've had the injections for 10 months with hrt and they've been amazing x


I am running out of options as well. Estrogen based pills are VERY bad for me. My insurance won't cover the Lupron. So after my surgery I was put on the Depo Provera shot. I have been on it for nearly a year now. What a waste of time. It never helped with the pain, and all I do is bleed. :( So for birth control I will have to get my tube tied. For pain control.......I don't know yet. I am so tired of hurting nearly everyday.


Hi Amy, have you ever been referred to a endometriosis specialist rather than a gynaecologist? I know that excision surgery is supposed to be better than laser surgery as with laser it does not necessarily remove all the endo especially if it is deeper in the organ/tissue than the surface.

If you haven't it might be best to get a referral to a endo specialist to discuss your options further.

All the best


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