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Large endometriomas!

Hi. I just wanted to ask people experiences with these cysts and reccurence. Just had a 10x12cm endometrioma drained and excised off my right ovary. What size cysts did you ladies have removed, and did they grow back/grow new ones and how long before this happened.

I did have mine only drained a year ago when it was 8cm but it grew back quickly (did stall it with zoladex for about 6months)

Sadly I waited nearly 5 months for my surgery this year...it was only 6cm when I was put on the waiting list, and by the time surgery came around I was in absolute agony as it was nearly double in size. thanks in advance x

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Hi mine came back really quickly, I think because it is filling every month when you have a period it always will. I think the actual removal of the cyst will improve your chances of not getting another one but they are really reluctant to do it because of the damage it does to the ovary. I had a lap in January and I had a cyst that was about 3 cm on one side and a few smaller ones on my left side (which was attached to my bowel) all were drained, a scan in May showed the one on my left was 5cm and the one on the right was 7cm, another scan in June/July it was 6cm on left and 9cm on right and by August/sept when I had another lap the left was 8cm and the right was 12-14cm and up near my stomach - I could see it when I lay down and couldn't stretch out as it would always pull. I had a hysterectomy with both ovaries removed on 10 December so defo won't have them filling back up again! I hope you manage to have a break this time round as it is so painful x


thanks for the reply Linds.... wow they really can grow fast hey? Like you mine grew with each period i had. Its good you were having regular scans, but does seem you should have had a lap to deal with them before they got to that size! I'm sorry you have had to resort to the hysterectomy and ovary removal, but you won't get those dreaded cysts on your ovaries again. How did you cope with the pain, mine was horrendous with just the one large cyst!??

I couldn't actually visibly see my cyst bulge, but knew it was there. I'm tall and quite 'big' in general so my body hid it well. however my stomach looked bigger than normal in the last month before surgery.

I'm on decapeptyl injections for 3 months, so hopefully no periods and no chance of a cyst regrowing. Then we are going straight into IVF. so will see what happens.

Hope you are healing well x


Good luck, I'm not entirely sure how I coped with the pain but for three months before my hysterectomy I was on zoladex and had no pain whatsoever :-) I had my lap in January as an emergency, then I had a scan in March for a follow up, as an emergency in May, as a pre op in June/July after being referred to an endo specialist who then decided that he wanted to do the op in two stages (see what was going on then decide what to do about it as it was so much worse than expected). Originally they were going to remove the left one, drain the cyst in the right and fit a coil but it became apparent this wasn't really going to work for me, had they fitted it this should have stopped the filling of the cysts by stopping./reducing my periods and maybe something you would want to consider after ivf/children x


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