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Hi I. Never did this before but thought this might help. I am so frustrated and feel like maybe this is all in my head! Just ignore it and it will go away! Unfortunately it doesn't . I have good days and bad. I can fake my way thru life pretty well. I have had abdominal pain and some occasional bleeding for about 2 yrs now. I have been to 4 different gasterologist , an endocrinologist in the first year I even had to go to the cardiologist during all this because I was having lots of chest pain (ran lots of test) lost teeth had to go to specialist for for that (due to not eating properly probably ) I lost 50 lbs got down to 99 lbs

My pain is mostly on my rt side can at times go around to my back. No it is not stones I know I have had them before. It is worse during period but is not only during menstral time I cannot sleep on my tummy when On side I feel tugging pulling if I stretch too far. In have a lot pain when I have bow movement. Bowls have changed use to have loose stool. Now mixed and more hard almost constipated. Which I worry about due to the pain. Once I do have bm I will continue to have pain for few hrs.

In Nov I went to gyno for yearly told her about abdominal pain and bleeding. had ultrasound found small cyst and thickening of Endo lining so had sonohystogram to look for fibroid and polyps. Since pap came back abnormal had colp/ Endo biop

Dec went in to talk about results and what to do next. Nurse ask me "how I' m doing "I "say I am still having pain and bleeding." So dr comes in says " so when did this pain start" I am like over a yr or so ago!!!!" She says this is new, you didn't mention pain". OMG!! Then she says maybe you Have endometriosis ? I am like I do! For 28 years now don't you read my records. In fact I wanted to discuss with you if this is possibly why I was having pain. She said she didn't know? What is wrong with Drs? I have been coming to this practice for 17 yrs! My dr retired and I figured I would just stay with the practice since my records were there. Boy that was a mistake! Dr says well we can treat Endo with pill? Birth control or hysterec I was not listening at this point! Dr lost all credibility! So now I am back to square one no answers???

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The only way to diagnose is a laparoscopy where they put In a camera. I would insist on a gynaecologist referral. I went through years of different treatments but started on the pill.


Thanks I will have to find a new dr and do that. All other test came back Normal. My husband is very against any kind of surgery even lap sine I have complications with that in past. He wants me to take natural remedies instead since can't find a dr to actual guide us in right direction with confidence. Ugh..


I did a natural programme before I had the kids which helped but it's not cheep. I had to remove certain foods and take vitamin and mineral supplements and herbs.


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