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I have my Occupational Health appointment on the 5th Jan and the HR Business Partner at work has suggested I think of any reasonable adjustments that may help me. I have said that I was hopeful that my attendance will improve as I have had my laparoscopy and my endometriosis has been treated, however, I know there can be a settling in period and I am not currently receiving any hormonal treatments for endometriosis due to trying for a family. I am going to be placed on Stage 1 of the supporting attendance policy as soon as I return to work. So I just wondered if anyone had any suggestions.

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I am in exactly the same position but I have already seen occupational health last year. Think about your symptoms and what you feel you need to stay in work. For me the suggestions were that I can take a break and lie down in the medical room if I'm suffering with fatigue and work flex hours which would allow me to work more hours when well and less when in pain. My place of work cannot allow me to work flex but when I'm on tramadol they allow me to do admin work instead of my usual call centre work so that I remain in work. They understand I cannot always avoid not coming in but as long as I show them I'm doing everything I can to remain at work they are not too bad with me at the moment. the idea with occupational health is that work get an understanding of the illness and what they can do to support. The problem is often the nurse or doctor does not understand the illness so they ask you what it is you feel will help, be honest with them and if possible try to approve the report before it goes to your employer so that you know they understood what it is you were trying to tell them.

Good luck, hope all goes well xxx

Thanks bluetit. The only thing I can really think of is asking to work from home when I'm ill but not sure if its viable as I'm a PA I can obviously get access to emails whilst at home but I'm not sure what they'll think.....

I guess it depends on your job but would you be able to work flexible hours e.g. make up any time you are off on other days to avoid taking sick days?

Do you have the option of working from home? This is the arrangement I have with my boss. I have a laptop and redirect my desk phone to my mobile so I can still stay in touch but it means I can stay in my pj’s and sit on the sofa with a hot water bottle! I also take codine on my bad days and it makes me really tired, sick and dizzy so I don’t like being in work feeling like that and don’t want to risk the 45 min drive while doped up!

I’m lucky that I have a very understanding boss and a job that I can do from home when needed.

Good luck with the appointment and TTC! xx

I'm a PA too and it works for me (and my boss)!

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