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Awaiting laparoscopy and in a great deal of pain

I have been referred today after a stay in hospital with several tests and was misdiagnosed firstly, Im on strong pain meds but still in a great deal of pain,,,how long did everyone wait to have the laparoscopy? I don't know how much more pain I can take I'm 2 weeks late on period and I think its effecting my ovulation the pain is bad now I'm scared about when I eventually bleed :-(

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The waiting time varies from gynae to gynae and hospital to hospital. You can contact them and ask for likely timescale. I was listed on Monday and was told it would be mid to late January. I'm now wishing xmas out of the way so the new year will be here. Hope you dont have too long to wait

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Thank you for your reply! Hopefully we won't have long to wait, I'm so surprised how many ladies are left to suffer waiting in this pain, I hope you have a good Xmas and new year (as good as it can be in pain) x


My area it is usually 3 months wait but if you say you'll take a cancellation you can get seen sooner. I had a cancellation appt at 6 weeks.

I may have been able to get seen sooner if I hav0d been prepared to see any dr but I wanted the specialist who has dealt with me for the last 8 years.

Good luck with your lap when it somes.

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