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Hospital or not ??

Hi there I don't know what to do , watchful wait or just go!? Had a lap 5 wks ago I have endo and a cyst removed but my symtoms have never changed !

Extreme lower back pain


Extremely painful sex

Painful vowel movements

But diarrhoea and soft

Pain in abdominal

Blood after sex and bowel movements

Hot flushes / nausea

Pressure pains when I pee

Just feeling like something's wrong :(

What the ell is going on? All that can't be In my head I feel stupid. :(

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Differpie, please don't feel stupid!

Did your surgeon discuss what they did in your lapo? Did they leave much of your endo behind?

I ask this because when I had my lapo done, my surgeon had to leave a lot of the endo where it was - on my bowel and the pouch of douglas. He had already done some extensive work with an ovary and a cyst so couldn't do any more that day. He said the endo on my bowel would be more tricky.

The problem with this is that the endo that he left behind was likely to be the endo that was actually giving me the majority of the pain to begin with!! I haven't actually had any relief since the op at all unfortunately. I am just happy to know that my ovaries and fallopian tubes are functioning better.

You know your own body, and if it doesn't feel right, or the pain is getting any worse, then go get checked out just to be sure. Can you get an appointment with the specialist?

I know recovery times can really vary - I can't believe how some women manage to go back to work a few days after!

Hope you feel better soon xx

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Thanks for your reply , sorry to hear about ur surgery. No I haven't reLly seen anyone to tell me what happened in my surgery am waiting on my app getting posted. I was in pain for a long time before my surgery and still the exact same if not worse. Feel it might be my bowel and always has been just happened to have a cyst when they looked, then opened me and found endo. I really don't know what to do anymore my doc think it have constipation like seriously !! I will give it an hour see how I get on ️thanks hope u get some relief I can't cope with pain everyday in life :( I am only 24 and feel crippled by it and constantly tired I can't even play with the kids anymore :( but I am here and healthy to a certain extent and could be worse always remember that cxxx


Oh you poor thing, sounds awful :(

I guess I was lucky in that I had private healthcare through my work. The surgeon came round to see me after the lapo to tell me what he'd found, what he'd done and that he would see me in 3 months for a follow-up. I was also given a telephone number for an out-of-hours nursing team to call if I had any concerns in the weeks to follow. I did call them a few days after when I had more bleeding and the dreaded CO2 pain just wouldn't go!

I can tell mine is on my bowel as it feels like I can't sit down properly and I'm being jabbed with a hot poker....usually shortly before I need the loo (sorry tmi!)

If it is the endo on its own that is causing your pain, a hospital visit may only result in painkillers to help. That's all good for now, but it sounds to me like you also need to see your surgeon or a gynae specialist asap - especially if it is getting worse.

Don't put up with it for too long hun. Try hot baths and/or hot water bottles on your lower back - works a treat for me. If you have a partner at home - get them to rub the bottom of your back too (kinda like a labour back-rub!) I find doing those things as well as keeping painkillers topped up can take the edge off enough for me to cope on a bad day.

Best of luck xxx

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Nhs are not great with super fast updates tbh, yeah I get that stabbing pain too it's awful !!

I am currently running myself and bath and had 2 pain kills with my tea. Going to try an early night and see my doc tomorrow I have a medicin cupboard full of painkillers! I think my endo must be on my bowel. I think I will call my gyno tomorrow see if I can get an update thanks so much for you reply. Love this site always wuick and helpful ppl :) the bloating aswell I look 6 months pregnant


I got some fantastic advice on here previously - and more recently on the Infertility pages (in relation to my OH) so I feel its my turn to return the favour and offer any snippets of advice I have!

Just keep badgering the docs until you get some answers. Let them know exactly how deliberating it is and they will have to take you more seriously and get you the help you need Hope you feel better real soon. xx


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