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Prostap injection

Had my second injection this morning and I'm feeling great! Just another post to tell people, it's so worth trying! It doesn't work for everyone but if it does work, it's fantastic. I haven't had any Endo pain since before my 1st injection which is incredible because my Endo pains were stopping me from living the life I wanted. I became a recluse and didn't even want to drink or go out with my friends. This injection has helped me get my old life back and I couldn't be happier. Hope this post helps people who are considering getting the injections:)

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I agree - I'm now on my third course (admittedly not normally prescribed, but it was the only thing that ever helped) and the difference is significant. I'm still going through the nasty phase of waiting for it to 'take over' but when it did last time my life changed completely!


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