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Fibroids and Endometriosis

Following my last post, my GP has confirmed two fibroids as well as suspected endometriosis which it seems has caused my ovaries to be stuck together. One fibroid is measuring 8cm and is within my uterus. The other seems to be slightly smaller but behind the uterus. My GP has made an urgent referral to a consultant as my husband and I are trying for a baby. Does anyone have any idea of the type of treatment I might be offered for this sort of problem? Xx

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Hi Discover. Can't say what type of treatment you might be looking at but can tell you that I have both endo and fibroid with tube and ovary fused to back of uterus. What I can say is that I basically just had to handle the pain on co-codamol whilst family planning as they wouldn't do anything about either for me.

I do recall that I read somewhere that where the fibroid is inside the uterus, then that is different as it affects any pregnancy and therefore surgical removal is sometimes best in that situation.

I would imagine they'll look to do investigations first for fertility. I had blood tests and I think a laparoscopy or similar, including the dye being put through tubes.

We're all slightly different though and what I can say is that you're at the start of a very long journey so take it one stage at a time. I know when I started, everything was about the ttc and what could be done to achieve that goal. My situation with endo, fibroids, fusing, etc are all completely out the window until the fertility issue is settled either way.

Hope that helps a little and that your referral comes along soon.


Thanks for your reply. If you don't mind me asking, how long have you been TTC and have you been offered fertility treatment despite not being given treatment for endo and fibroids?

We haven't been trying long so feel lucky in that this has been discovered early on, but I'm 33 now and don't really feel time is on my side.



Not a problem. We've been ttc for over 2 years and are currently doing our 1st cycle of IVF. On my 2ww now.

I was 1st diagnosed with endo when I was 22 and lost a tube and ovary then. I'm now 39. I gave it a year before going to Dr but in retrospect would only give it 6 months. Even ar a year though I had to fight my normal instinct with the Dr as they weren't brilliant about referring me as they thought it was too soon.

First thing for you is to ensure you're in the best health and situation for conceiving and carrying to term. I understand feeling that time is running out but remember you have a referral now and this will hopefully see things getting started. I'd make a list of any questions/concerns you have ready for your appointment so that you get the most you can from it. You can pm me too at any time if you'd prefer.

Good luck.


Thanks for your response. It's good to be in touch with women going through the same trials and tribulations!

I hope you have success with your IVF. Fingers crossed for you. X


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