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Hi I would like some advice please.

Approximately 18 months ago, I noticed a twisting feeling below my belly button. In August 2014 I collapsed during day two of my period. For 3 days I could not move. Once my period which was extremely heavy and unbelievably painful stopped I regained my energy. However a constant lower left back pain that radiates to my bottom never left nor did the pain in both calves almost as if there are elastic bands around them.

I went to my gp who sent me for an ultrasound and took bloods and stool sample. My bloods and stool sample all came back fine. My ultrasound was quote "some kind of fluid was detected but we're not sure why possibly a burst cyst"

They ran further tests for chrons and colitis. Nothing.

I continued to collapse every month. The back ache is always there and the leg pain also.

I always had pain during sex and thought this was normal but bleed after sex recently and the pain was intense.

My ca125 test came back level 44 and i have an urgent gyno appointment next monday. There's constant twisting feeling throughout my abdomen almost like a threading feeling (if you've had your eyebrows threaded this is how i would explain it) I constantly get the feeling of needing to empty my bowels even if they are empty.

The last week has been the worse i have been on yasmin for a month now. My stomach feels so heavy all the time like my insides are too heavy and my stomach feels like its stretching. I can't eat as i sick all the time. I literally have to force feed myself twice a day. I am so scared right now. I am 30 years old and have two small children both of which took over two year's to concieve. I have had continous infections such as teeth sinus urine since the last few months also. Thank you.

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are you still on here would love to find out how you got on as im having same things, been told got proctitis but feeling totally lost!? that and endo just totally thrown me!



I am still on here and have come along way since this post.

How can I help?


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