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4wks After endo lap :( agony! Why?

Hi there

Thanks for you lovely support through this endo rubbish girls ❤️This site has been a god send.

Well I am now 4:5 weeks post surgery and I am in agony !! Back pain is constant and the cramps are so bad it's catching my breath and need to stop what am doing till it passes it's like bowel cramps but also at times feels like period cramps :( shooting pains up my bum (tmi) that I can't sit down screaming in pain! My baby seen me and was crying and I couldn't pick him up until it passed! And sex Omg!!!!! It so sore I hate it now :( the cramps after it last until the morning. Sitting at my desk and I can bearly talk to customers that I feel like am going to pass out with the pain :( anyone else had this after endo surgery? I thought the pelvic pain would go away. Should I contatc my doctor ??? Thanks xxx

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Hi I'm sorry you're feeling so bad hun, I've not got much time so this will be quick but msg me if you want to chat. First of all I know exactly what you're going through regards looking after a baby when in intense pain. It's not only heartbreaking but I also felt extremely panicky that something bad would happen when I was on my own with my baby. No one can understand unless it's happened to them! I used to think I was a useless unsafe mum due to Endo but now I know I'm one of the stongest. I had radical excision 4.5 weeks ago and am still in a lot of pain some days. What exactly did you have done? A lovely lady on here told me to keep in mind that the areas that have been treated are raw and the pain can feel just as bad if not worse as you are healing. It can take up to 6 months for your insides to heal plus the added normal hormonal fluctuations which cause inflammation in 'normal' women we also have to deal with this when we are healing. I know it can feel like there's no hope and I'm battling these feelings right now. A lady who helped me told me she was convinced the treatment hadn't worked up to 3 months after and now she's at the gym 4x a week. Try and keep the faith. If you need a rant or have any questions just message me xxx

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im in the same boat hun 4 weeks since my lap and excision for endo ,still getting the dreadful pain starting to except there is no cure for this and something im going to have to deal with for the rest of my life.so many woman in the same boat looking for the same answers as us all xx depressing xx


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