Prostap injection

I had my first prostap injection on the 10th, I know it hasn't been very long but I feel amazing! Since then, my Endo pains have near enough completely gone. I haven't suffered or been crippled up in pain ever since. I have my next one on the 10th December and I can't wait. I was worried I'd get hot flushes but I haven't had any bad side effects yet and hopefully that stays the same! As daunting as a 'medical menopause' sounded, it's given me my life back. I'm not worried about going to the pub with my friends or going to work each day. Praying nothing changes, but so far, so good. Wish me luck for the next one, I hate injections!

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  • Really great to read this post. I have been on a long 3 year journey to only recently finally being diagnosed with endometriosis. I am due to start prostap injections next week and was concerned about how it would make me feel, but after reading how great you are feeling, I am now looking forward to the new chapter in my life. Fingers crossed I feel as good as you are after my first one.

  • Hi! I've just had my second injection and I can honestly say, I feel great. This one hurt a bit more though and my leg still hurts now, but that's nothing compared to the Endo pains I had. I hope yours will be as successful as mine, keep me updated!

  • good stuff :) my injections help me soooo much too, the worst bit is getting the level right, if i have mine every 4 weeks i have about 3/4 days before my next injection where the effects seem to have worn off and im in agony! it too has given me a new lease of life :)

  • I'm the same - I've just started another course, although I am having some problems while it all settles down. I have to have mine about 25 days apart as otherwise the symptoms start coming back again, but if it's done right, it's like having another life altogether!

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