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Combined pill for three months and then what?

Hi would appreciate some advice please. After lap showed endo has returned as well as adeno - docs initial suggestion is to try the combined pill progesterone only. Taking this continually for three months, then have a period. When I questioned her what happens after three months and would I go through hell, she said she would give me something for this ..... She has sent me away to think about it and do some research, she will also research and we reconvene this Friday. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks!

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Hi, I am newly diagnosed and my treatment plan is to run my Microgynon through for 3 months then break. I have been prescribed mefenamic acid for the 7 day break, except no chemists can get it, even at the private hospital :( I can't really offer advice but just wanted to say im in the same boat. My first pill free day will be Boxing day (Merry xmas to me!)


Thanks for your reply. I have used microgynon in the past (before diagnosis) but used it on a monthly basis with a 'pretend' period, so not really sure what the difference will be after three months. I have mefenamic acid already so will be interesting to see what the doctor comes up with. Good luck, especially over the festive season!


I am hoping that the difference isn't just an even worse 7 day break! Not convinced it will be anything other than just a bad 7 days less regularly. Fingers crossed, best of luck in your journey also x


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