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In that much pain I can't seat down!

Hi, a newbie, found this site a really help. I have endo for about nine years now. Have had 2 laps. I have been on the pill for 2 years after I had my little girl. I keep bleeding mid packet and have severe pain most of the time. This weekend has been the worse pain yet!! I can't seat down or change position with out severe pain going up my back to my waist major cramps around my womb it is awful. Even my skin is hurting and I have pelvic pain when I walk. Does anyone else have this? What is causing it? I'm not seeing my consultant till mid December sick of being in pain and scared that something else is wrong now.

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Hi there, yes I have patches like this, it can feel like you have flu plus the Endo pain. I was more like this on Cerazette, but am now trying Qlaira. It may just be you need to try a new treatment. Try not to worry and keep as comfortable as you can with hot water bottles, warm lavender and Rosemary baths and the pain relief you have. If this doesn't help then push for an earlier appointment or a&e. Focus your attention on loving yourself if you can. Good nourishing food probiotics and B vitamins. Particularly B12. Contraceptives I believe can deplete these and we need to top them up.

Big hugs


Thank you, sorry to hear you have this pain too, but also kind of happy to know that I'm not the only one. Have got Gp appointment on Thursday to get done better pain relief and to try and bring consultant appointment forward. The pain today feels like I'm in stage 1 of labour even getting pressure in my bottom. Think I might see about another lap or the way I feel at the moment a Hysteroscopy! Thanks for you help. Take care.


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