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pelvic pain

Hi everyone, I am a 46 year old woman and I have been having terrible pains this last few months in both my sides. i put it off thinking it would go away but it hasnt. The pain starts just below the bottom of my ribs and i end up with an ongoing sharp pain low down near my pelvis. It has really been bothering me the last few weeks as i cant get a proper sleep due to being uncomfortable and sore ,plus i have it every other day. As i have had IBS all my life i orginally thought that was the problem., but the pains from this are alot different from those i have suffered with IBS. went to GP last week, and she has requested a scan of my tummy, im hoping they send for me soon, as i told her something isnt quite right. anybody out there had anything similar?.

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Hiya is there any pattern with your menstral cycle?


hi , no i have not anything for a year now.


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