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Hi All

Just had Adeno diagnosed by the consultant, I didn't know it was there as I have had the coil for so long and it was kind of found by accident. It does explain the severe bloating I experience though! The problem I have is I plan to remove my coil in the next couple of years to try to conceive. Can any of you lovely ladies offer any advice on what to expect and how best to manage the symptoms so that TTC isn't hell!

Thanks so much ladies, hope you are all having a pain free day xx

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I just recently stopped contraceptives to try for a baby and I have found the pain to be tolerable as of yet. Its been about a month but after a week I had the worst pain I have ever had. Whether that be because I stopped them suddenly or a cyst gad burst of something. So far I haven't had my period (thank the lord) so I cant tell you how bad the first period is. I dint know whether that has happened because I've used contraceptives and hormone treatment for so long or because I'm pregnant. What I can say I stock up on painkillers but don't rely on them. The worst part is the period with adeno. Trying to conceive can be difficult too as my womb is tender and can cause discomfort during sex. It all depends in your body and how much it will affect you. All I can say is try it and see how it goes. If ever you need to ask anything, pm me and I'll help as much as I can as I haven't found many on here who have adeno. There are some great support groups on facebook if you have it....I'll send you the links if you like. Good luck and I wish you all the best hun xxx


Thanks so much for the reply, really appreciate it, will have a nosey on FB for the groups etc. Best of luck with TTC xxx


There's one that Im on just simply called Adenomyosis. Irs only got 500+ people but I find that's the beat for responses. Another one is Adenomyosis support and ita good but the responses are slow. I posted in an emergency to both and the first one got a response in 2 mins even at 4:30am xx


Hi elwood, I stopped a year ago after 15 years on the pill. I did not know I had anything then. After a few months off the pill, pain started and was diagnosed with both endo and adeno. When you stop be prepared for your periods to take a while to regulate. Mine took 4 months to start being regular. My hormones were initially all over the place and I was getting nausea and extreme mood swings. Endo diet and supplements helped with that and now those symptoms are gone. As leyaC said stock up on painkillers just in case but be aware that anti inflammatories can make getting pregnant more difficult. So if you pain is not too bad try to avoid them, but do not feel bad if you can't. If you take anti inflammatories for adeno do try to start taking them before you period start. And most of all, try not to stressed too much about ttc once you start trying (easier said than done)

Best of luck x


Hi, hope you don't mind me jumping in on your conversation. I got diagnosed with adenomyosis six weeks ago, after being diagnosed with endo a year ago. If you wouldn't mind forwarding me some links too, I would be most grateful. Hope you're getting a pain free night. x


Hi there, I have Adenomyosis too and was lucky to conceive twice. I really cleaned up my diet. Mostly vegetarian, but at the end of the pregnancy I weakened and started eating White meat again. Lots of chamomile tea and lavender oil baths for discomfort help. Unfortunately pregnancy for me was very painful both times. This is just my experience however, but I ended up in hospital in Christmas Day with my second baby. I couldn't stand the pain and it is frightening.. I don't know if this happens often with Adenomyosis or if it depended where in the Womb it is. Mine was at the back so my best advice is to eat a very low inflammatory diet and know your safe herbs and essential oils. Reflexology can be helpful too.

Good luck

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