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Hi, Sisters of endo, those that know me are aware that I have a history of pelvic, hip and back pain due to frequent ovarian cysts, endometriosis and various other non related dilemmas. But just yesterday the pain changed to a piercing sensation on my left side low in my inguinal area and gets more intense when I feel the urge to go pee. I had a cyst burst a couple months ago on the left. But this feels different. It stated out like ovarian cyst pain then I noticed how the urgency to pee made it more intense. I don't want to be negligent and ignore it and rack it up to being endometriosis on the ovary or another possible ovarian cyst, but if I go to the GP he might send me for yet another transvaginal ultrasound. And they usually don't help. My urine is clear no cloudiness, would that rule out a bladder infection? There was protein in my urine about a month ago but the second test it was clear. I could have my urine tested but I really don't want another TVU.

I'm on a clean diet, no meat, no eggs, no gluten, no fat. Basically just vegetables and fruit and fish for the past month a little bit of GF salad dressing and one cup of decaf coffee with lactose free half and half cream, Xylitol for sweetness, decaf greeen tea or peppermint tea at night.

This is more like what I was suffering with back in the nineties so possible more cysts on the ovaries but the TVU's never showed anything then either.

I'm looking for advice. No fever but it started with me being very dizzy day before yesterday. I took serc and went to sleep then the dizziness was gone.

I had a hysterectomy in 2003 and until this last spring I was pretty clear of the signs of endo. Now I suspect it's back but I see a second specialist Dec. 11 because the first one refused to do a lap.

My GP has already told me he won't send me for anymore tests as aside from the bilateral ovarian cysts from an MRI back in July nothing else has indicated endometriosis. Not that that means anything as a person with endo I know it doesn't show on scans.


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