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I know a few ladies on here use a tens machine and say it helps with the pain. Just wondering where you place the pads? I have one with 4 pads and I put the pads just under my belly button, at each side then lower down just under hip bone, not on the bone. Anyway it feels awful like someone is tearing and pulling me inside sort of near my ovaries. I'm not sure if I am putting them in the wrong place or maybe it's just not for me. I have it on the lowest setting and end up turning it off after 5 seconds in agony.

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I have used Tens machine in the past and found it unhelpful and a little irritating to be honest, but I know some people swear by them. Try putting them on your lower back as I guess the nerves along your spine are part of the pain message system you are trying to block.

I use groundology earthing sheets which help me quite a bit and also for my husbands arthritis.

Good luck :0)

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I will try on my lower back thanks hun. What are groundology earthing sheets? Never heard of them before.

Thanks for the reply.


No worries! I found out about these because my husband is a keen biker, follows Tour de France etc but gets slowed up by his arthritis in his knees. It definitely takes the stiffness and intensity out of the pain. I thought a few weeks back it wasn't doing much until I stopped using it. Oh boy do they work. David Wolfe has a You tube Vidoe on it too. It is not a complete solution, but it does help.


Yes,put them on either side of your spine-directly through your tummy from where you feel the worst pain.Look at the instructions as you may have a booklet giving suggested placements or even google it.I place mine in pairs(one each side of the spine) at lower sacrum area and lumber area.Also check you have the electrodes on the right sides.I found that I simply couldn't put the pads on the front as it seemed to intensify the pain.

Also play about with the different types/modes .Its very much trial an error but some modes suit better than others.The Pain Clinic nurse advised me on how to place the pads and also to experiments.Generally you should start at lowest intensity and turn up.While the sensation of the TENS acts to distract you from the pain,it shouldn't be worse or competing with it.I think your tummy is just too sensitive,so back placement would be better.

The one thing I found was that TENS helped ,as soon as you switched it off the pain cam eback,so I literally had to use 24/7 and of course you can use in bed.Also it ate a battery a day,and rechargeable ones seemed to not be so effective?But its certainly well worth a try especially if you want to be less reliant on drugs.


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