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Pregnancy taking microgynon possible?

I have had problems with periods for years. A surgeon helping me for spinal problems reccomended I was investigated for endo. I have a brief internal exam with ultrasound in which I was told the right ovary looks OK so the left one is too. Sadly the spinal surgeon passed away. I was told by gynie to take counseling for pain and pain during sex I haven't seen her since. Something isn't normal but I am not taken seriously. I got put on microgynon and recommended to take it daily to try stop periods and ease symptoms. I want to know how you would tell if you were pregnant if you don't have clear set periods. If I bleed it is heavy, could go through pads in minutes. Then it usually stops within a couple hours. I have got pregnant on the pill before and heard of loads of women who have on microgynon. Whilst I suspect there is something wrong with my insides, I have no diagnoses. How ever I am asking advice here as I can't find any info related to people who take the pill constantly so thought you might be able to help or have experience.

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If you don't feel you are getting the treatment you want ask to see another doctor. If they suspect endo they should do a Laparoscopy to diagnose it definitively. That way you know for sure and your treatment can be tailored for you. Only you know when something isn't right with your body. With regards to the pill, the only way you can know is to take a pregnancy test, but be careful because the pill can sometimes mess with the results so you would want to confirm it with your doctor.

Don't let them fob you off, if you want different treatment you are entitled to ask for it.



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