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Hi all endo sufferers, I was looking some advice, my story, I,ve suffered from endo for years now & had more surgery earlier this year (feb) I had a laparoscopic salpingo - oopharectomy & endometrial ablation , basically I had I right ovary removed dnt want to remove both to prevent early menopause & had endo removed as was attached to bowel, & had womb ablation (microwaved) the recovery was long & very painful 8wks , so basically after recovery felt pain free it was great,but now 8-9mths on the pain is back with a vengeance , also new pains in hips & down 1 leg, my GP says its most probably the endo grown back , I can't take much more of this horrible thing , also it's triggered off my depression again & GP not sure if I have chronic fatigue syndrome or its all comming from my endo, has anyone else experienced these problems or can advise , many thanks

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Hiya gosh your words could have come straight out of my mouth.i was only diagnosed with severe endo (covering uterus,bowel,bladder) end of July but the last few moths have been hell,currently trying to shop in town but having to sit down constantly due to sciatica down my right leg (never had before) & chronic pain.its gotta be endo related.what a horrid misunderstood disease.i wish you well & hope you symptoms subside with help x


Also forgot to mention I am exhausted ALL the time :-(


Lou it's the most awful thing ever to suffer from. & as you say it is so misunderstood & not enough awareness or support groups about it :( , have you to have surgery ? I Cnt believe you have all the same symptoms as me u hve my sympathy , have you had any shooting pains like electric shock pain in leg also , tnks for your reply , take care ali


Hi Aliy gyni wants to op @ specialist hospital but at the moment I have put that on hold to Persue IVF,fingers crossed I can have family then deal with things after,thank goodness IVF Happening fast as each month is getting worse :-( I was so healthy before stopping pill (obv endo just masked at that point) would really like support group/meet with people nr me (Devon) but there isn't one nearby. I find this forum good but lil scary some days hard to get head round the condition & what lays ahead. I do hope you feel better & get help soon. If ever want to email feel free bradburylouise@yahoo.co.uk. V.best loux

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