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Scared about pain

Hi all,

I finally have a gynaecologist appointment on Monday and I am so scared that they are going to want to do a laparoscopy to find out the extent of my endo. I had a cyst on my kidney drained a few years ago and was in agony from them pumping air into my body ( so much so that I had to have morphine)! And I believe they have to do this with the laparoscopy. Anyone out there that can help with my worries xx

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I have had air pumped into me 3 times since the end of June ( 2 laps and the big op) and each time I have found that sucking pepper mints, moving around a lot and not being worried about the wind coming out of both ends has kept the pain to a minimum. There's no getting away from the fact that it's painful but keep moving and it will disperse much quicker. Good luck...


I was lucky enough to have a drain put in my stomach after my lap so the air disappeared through that. However I have heard from others that drinking peppermint cordial helps


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