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unsure of what to do

Hi everyone,

Feels so strange writing on here but I need some advice from people about what I should do next. When I was 23 I had really painful ovulation and severe 'period pain' that would last for most of the month. I went for a scan which showed I had cysts on my ovaries. The only relief I had was when my period arrived when the pain would suddenly disappear. I was put on the pill and my symptoms seemed to disappear. All was well until a few months ago when I was advised to come off the pill because I started to experience menopause symptoms. A scan at that point showed the cysts had disappeared as a result of the pill. Now I've come off the pill, the pain has come back. I have constant cramping and pain and now pain after being intimate. I've been back and fourth to see my nurse several times now. The last time I went, she just said to come back in 6 months to review how I was going. The pain is really getting to me now and it's a constant discomfort. I try to manage my weight, keep active and eat healthy, but there is no relief from the pain. Has anyone else experienced these types of pains/symptoms? It's starting to get to me and slowly making me think it's all in my head!!

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Hi gina, I would recommend going back to the gp and asking for an ultrasound as a first measure. Then a laparoscopy to look for anything thats wrong. It sounds as if you could have some endometriosis but a lap will show up any issues. Dont let them fob you off, the pill masked my endo for a long time and now I face more surgery. Good luck x


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