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Chronic leg pain

I have been on the pill since 2012 just after my 3rd Lapo. I started getting pain at top of my bottom and became monthly in match I stopped taking my pill as it didn't suit me and by July at the time of my period I had aching all down my leg to my toes...each month pain had got worse until this month it is in my hip, buttock leg etc leading up to my period but has eased a few days into my period....have seen my doctor who has put me on a different pill and see how it goes...has anyone else experienced leg pain and buttock pain with endo? Am going to try a chiropractor so just wanted to see how anyone else deals with if.

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Hi Vicky0311,

Yes there are a number of us with this pain in our buttocks, hips and legs. if you put sciatic pain in the endometriosis community search engine you will find many.

Here is a link to an interesting article.


The trick is finding a specialist who recognizes it exists and can treat it.

I have asked to seek a second opinion currently, as the one I recently met with tells me he doesn't treat endo with surgery anymore. I am chemically intolerant of synthetic hormones and getting close to the age of natural menopause but appear to still have a few years to get there.

I just started the endo diet to starve off added oestrogens in the body as much as possible with eliminating sources I take in. It has helped tremendously, already in one week, better than any pain killer pills that have not.

I'm still incredibly fatigued and exercise increases the pain.

i think if you mention this pain is worse at certain times of the month that is a definite indication that it is hormonally influenced, keep a calendar of the pain to share with the specialist when you meet with him.

All the best to you


Thank you....will google the endo diet... Better with exercise xx


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